Who We Are

In June 2006, we stepped foot inside an old Catholic Church. With intentions of starting a coffee shop in our ever-diminishing and forgotten home town, we began renovations on the church. Who knew just three years later the coffee shop would morph from just a community coffee shop to a music venue, to a school of ministry, to a free clothing ministry to a place to feed the hungry, to a recording studio and everything in between.

In other words…we are family…we are disciples…we are Christians…we are servants…we are worshipers, workers, writers, singers, lovers, fighters, pioneers, Yoopers, teachers, students, children, parents, warriors…the broken…the broke…the content. We are RESISTANCE.


3 Responses to Who We Are

  1. jeff solwold says:

    hey brother, thank you for your prayer support and worship last night. We love you guys and wish you lived closer so we could congregate more. . ah, heaven awaits! Til then we run the race and fight the good fight. It is a blessing to swing swords with you all. Let me know if you found your phone, we will keep our eyes open.
    I love you Josh, His, Jeff

    • Joshua M. Brindle says:

      Thanks so much Jeff…we do love it when the LORD brings us together! It was very frustrating losing my phone and not getting back home until 5:30am. But we persevered and I am sorry if I didn’t look like I had a good attitude when I left; Jesus is still working on some frustration issues with me. Anyway, thanks man.

  2. Lauren Sheehan, Omaha, NE says:

    It was SO awesome to run into you guys in all places, Iron River, MI, last weekend. Mike and I had prayed just that morning that God would show us what he was doing in Iron River and that we could some how be a part of what was going on there. We were just amazed at his goodness to link us up with you. We ended up leaving town before service (bummer) because of the snow, but we will be back!! Seth, it was great to have a tour of the studio and hear some of the tracks….AMAZING! God is definitely doing a work in and through all of you…keep riding the train of surrender…excited to hear about what more lies ahead. As I was praying about our connection and what that might mean, I know that you do some service for folks around the area and was wondering if I could call on you for a favor. My grandparents live in town and are getting up there in years (88 and 91). My uncle is planning to come stay with them over the holidays, but hasn’t made it back to town yet. They really could use someone to come out and clean off their driveway because my grandpa still tries to do it and really shouldn’t, bless his heart. I spoke with them about it, and they would be more than happy to make a donation to the ministry. If this is something that might work, please send me a line @ lauren.sivula@gmail.com. Thanks guys and God Bless!!!

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