The Tribe of Judah Defined

THE TRIBE OF JUDAH stands for the simple idea that the Book of Acts works today. We are seeking to be defined by Christian unity in the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ. In operation of power, in teaching, in serving the community, in exemplifying the heartiness of family, in purposeful vulnerability, in righting a few Christian wrongs of a gone-by generation, and hopefully not adopting a few of our own. (But understanding that it is very possible). Humility and obedience, married up with maturity will surely help us here.


In the Tribe there is realty. There is simplicity. There is the breakdown of all things spiritual…feeding discipleship. Prayerfully, there is continued prayer and worship of the King. Prayerfully, as well, there is constant and intimate fuel for the Spirit-filled life as we commit to Him and to others. So, the Tribe of Judah should be a people who put the first two, greatest commandments first. Love God. Love others.

Then we get to the How of all this. How do we know? How do we learn? What is truth? There are so many churches…and so many “Christians.” How do you guys have it right? Well…it’s not about being “right,” it’s about being like Jesus as much as possible and creating an environment that He has led us in to cultivate others being like Jesus themselves. Then—THROUGH RELATIONSHIP—do we know how we should live. In light of intimacy. In the Light of being loved. All Christian action should be byproducts of intercourse. Just like marriage; more intimacy leads to more intercourse and more intercourse leads to more intimacy. Got it? KNOW Christ, don’t just know about Him. Love in interaction.

How does this play out, you ask? Because I love Him, I serve others. Because I love Him, I read my Bible to know Him in deeper ways. Because I love Him, prayer is a major means to ongoing inseparability with the God Who died for me. Religion is a term used for people who try to know God through an institution; relationship, conversely, is the term for people who engage with Jesus as a Person, in absolution and abandon. Personally. Relentlessly interwoven into His life and His ways.


One of our major goals as the Tribe of Judah, or just as a group of Christians in fellowship with one another, is to seek and maintain a healthy, daily atmosphere to foster all of the aforementioned goodies of growth. Prayer. Worship. Bible reading. Bible study. Evangelism. Reaching out to the lost. Moving in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts he gives as well. Really, when people look at us as that, it makes sense. But, because we live in undoing obedience and by the Lord’s leading, the outward manifestations don’t always result in the same ministry.

Let me explain:

Five years ago, for our fledgling ministry, we practiced obedience in a youth-centered, full-time local coffee shop hangout known as HeBrews. This grew and helped another two or three venues start. That morphed into 3 years+ of being a thriving and active outreach music venue, ministering to bands and kids. Then that morphed, in 2010, into taking the music venue/coffee outreach out to other music festivals, venues, and churches…and learning to live by faith on a bus in 32 states. After that, and even while those things were revolving, we have seen the Lord start a recording studio, a sled dog race in the community, another coffee roaster, other venues, Bible studies, a community garden, and much more. This is why we have many faces—because we are trying to keep up with the Holy Ghost. And He has taught us an awful lot in 7 or 8 years of crazy ministry.

There IS a method to the madness.

It has been a wild ride.

This is who we are.

We are Resistance.

We are Revolution.

Simple. Normal.

We are the Tribe of Judah.




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