Calvary Chapel Iron River

Calvary Chapel Iron River


The Tribe of Judah “idea” and Tribe of Judah Ministries was born out of vision, Scripture and the Lord’s leading in a little church in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This church started in the home of Bill Woolley in Crystal Falls, MI in 1989-1990 as a home fellowship. A few years later, in a small white chapel, Calvary Chapel Alpha was born and remained in this little mining village until 2006.
Things began to change in 2006 as the prospects of scoring a large, old Polish Catholic church building in the nearby mining conglomerate of Iron River became a reality. The way the Lord got this tiny, bedraggled fellowship into this way-too-big building was nothing less than a miracle…with no money down and the personal signatures of two men left barely standing after family tragedy. It seemed like lunacy and the last-stitch efforts of Believers drenched in failure. But God, as in many cases, had other plans.

Within 10 months and the opening of an outreach coffee shop/music venue, called HeBrews (pun most definitely intended) in the basement, the God of all Providing gave $137,500 to this reborn ministry to purchase both the church, the parsonage house and six lots of property! Praise Jesus, for His Hand was sweet upon this faithful remnant.

Since the purchase of the building in Iron River, Pastor Woolley moved on to care for his aging parents in Florida and left the care of the church to His son-in-law Josh Brindle. Pastor Josh continues on with his faithful wife Grace to press into the decades-old vision of revival in the Upper Peninsula brought through the youth. Prayer, worship, teaching the Word, and discipleship are amongst a few distinctives that Calvary Chapel Iron River holds to on a regular basis, not to mention a wholehearted devotion to His Holy Spirit. This is a church that pursues the Lord all week long through several diverse ministries and serious engagement with the community around them that is pleading for authenticity and a pure look at Jesus.

NOTE: Calvary Chapel Iron River IS indeed part of the Calvary Chapel network of fellowships which was started out of the Jesus Movement (revival) in Southern California in the late ’60s under the leadership of Chuck Smith. Calvary is home to more than 1,500 churches worldwide including Greg Laurie, Mike MacIntosh, Joe Focht, Damien Kyle, David GUZIK, Jeremy Camp, members of P.O.D. and Switchfoot and many many other notable teachers and ministers.

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