I Have Felt the Tremors: Part 1

I Have Felt the Tremors: PART 1
My report on current Revival.


It’s not everyday that you get a chance at living a dream. My dream, if you will, happens to be an American Revival…whether it be local, regional, or national, it matters not to me (that is, of course, after it is personal). I have a burning and prayerful desire for it nonetheless. If you know me or have ever read this here blog, you know this revival stuff really revs my engine.

One of the major reasons I have a heart for God’s people to be revitalized or awakened is because I know it is possible. Our church network was born out of a legitimate Revival in the ’60’s known as the Jesus Movement. And I have had the great privilege to know and speak with many men and women who saw the movement with their own eyes and a few who were used mightily as leaders in it. God has even given me, by His awesome grace, the blessing of sitting under two or three of them as mentors.

Through history, it seems that about every 40-50 years, there seems to be a need arising and that need gives way to desperation and that desperation fosters deep cries and prayers to be offered unto God to move once again amongst His people. This is a thrilling prospect to me, because the godliest people I know in our country have been broken for prayer over the last five years or so…and specifically prayer and fasting have seen an upswing in the last two years. Amid the faithful remnant of those who know prophecy and God’s Word and move in the Holy Spirit, a pulsing dissatisfaction is mounting. America is in trouble. The church is asleep. Time is winding down. Jesus is coming back. We need a revival that would usher in another great in gatherings of souls.


On the home front, we at Calvary Chapel Iron River have been putting our knees and our ears to the ground most every morning since 2007. God has given us a deep burden and swelling hearts for revival, so we have prayed…and, when called, we fast, pray 24 hours around the clock, or wait on the Spirit to speak. And it’s funny, when you have this burden and God speaks to it and gives you vision, you tend to gravitate towards brothers and sisters of like minds and hearts, wherever they may be.

I started this piece out mentioning that sometimes you get to live the dream. I have just recently returned from the East Coast Pastors Conference (Calvary Chapel) in Maryland, by way of a stop at the host church, Calvary Philadelphia, and I feel that the Lord has showed me more of the dream unfolding before my eyes.

What we know: what we know is that Calvary Chapel is experiencing difficulties right now with our founder—Chuck Smith—aging and in failing health. Some are seeking to hold down the fort or memorialize what we have been in the past and others are seeking a fresh filling and direction. We also know that many pastors in our movement sensed the Spirit’s pulling to attend the East Coast Conference this year instead of the usual conference in California. On top of that, CC Philly, led by my hero Joe Focht, has been broken for prayer and congregating every Sunday night to seek the face of Christ for Revival over the last two years. We here in the Midwest had also heard that the 2012 conference in Maryland was a sweet meeting of men of God, praise, exhortation, and the free flowing of the Spirit of Jesus.

Needless to say, it seemed like the road signs were pointing us to the FACT that God is moving and wanted us to see the early breaths of revival in these last days. According to one old book on revival, “GOD LEADS HIS PEOPLE TO PRAY FOR THAT WHICH HE DESIGNS TO GIVE.” And I believe, as I will report on the specifics—of what we just experienced—next time, that He did show us…what He intends to give.

Oddly, I was watching the movie “City of Ember” with my kids when I finished this article and at the end of the movie I caught these words: “And the message found its way. Now the path was clear for all. All of us who kept the flame of Ember burning, through the darkness, so that we could live again on the earth, in the air and the light.”


We want Revival.

To be continued.



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2 Responses to I Have Felt the Tremors: Part 1

  1. Unclekenny says:

    Encouraging, Josh! Love this post.

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