Day 6: Why there was no Day 5.

Day 6: Why there was no Day 5.


Today is day six of our now 15-Day Fast. Yesterday was day five. There was no day five entry on this fasting journal. The reason why there was no day five was because day fives are difficult. For some reason, in any longer fast, somewhere around day five is where your vitamins and nutrients seem to hit a low. At least that has been our experience over the last several years. More or less, day five puts the “mental” in the funda-mentals of fasting. Or, actually, takes it out.

At this point, you feel like someone tipped you over and dumped 3/4 of your brain on the ground. It’s the fog. The blur. The…wait…I don’t know…I can’t remember. Oh yeah, day five says goodbye to a well-functioning memory. And at this juncture, you’re thinking, “Why would God want me to do things that seem to harm or deplete my memory and my mind?” Good question. And I would answer it…if I could remember the answer.

Basically, it is like special training or bootcamp. At some point, they just keep you awake for 35 or 40 hours and break you down. And, if you have seen some action on the front of outreach or missionary work or rampant serving, you will get to point where you are running a marathon on your brain. Your body will ache physically as well, along with spiritual draining and/or leakage. This must be why Paul said he was being poured out daily.

Like all fasting, your reliance on spiritual feeding and discipline is now sky-rocketed. You just can’t bumble or waltz through your days throwing God a bone with a little prayer here or a little Bible reading there. Reading that cheesy “mounting up on eagles wings” verse on that magnet on your fridge just doesn’t seem to cut it here. Day five, as you start to malfunction and struggle mentally, becomes the day you start to NEED the Lord or you WILL NOT MAKE IT. Anyone trying to finish a fast in the flesh is daring and stupid. I’ve seen people do it; I’ve even tried it myself, but it is not advised.

Frustration. Fogginess. Forgetfulness. Falling down…getting up. Falling down again. Uhhhh…. Getting up again. And then you cry out and ask the Lord to be your strength. This is supposed to be hard. It needs to be. Brokenness and dependence are the name of the game….

Come on, you know this…and so do I. But no matter how many times you do this, you still have to wrestle through and buffet your dumb body and make it your doggone slave. THIS IS WHY WE FAST.

So come on, lets get on it….



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