Day 3: Of Dwarves & Elves

Day 3: Of Dwarves & Elves

“Behold how good and how pleasant it is, for brethren to dwell together in unity.”—Psalm 133:1


Fasting is almost always a time a revival and refocus, unless you are stubborn and fighting God and don’t want to grow or change. But that’s not our focus here. No, it is a sweet day, this day three. For this was a great day or reconciliation and strengthen in our Body. Like dwarves and elves that once lost their bond, yet once gain became united. We today have gained strength from old alliances.

Not really that complicated, this forgiveness and reconciliation thing. It just takes two or three people, who may have had odds with one another being broken and moldable and them being decidedly obedient to the Blessed Scriptures. And what a relief, what blessing comes from just sitting down, hashing it out, and talking with a purposeful heart to resolve the issues. And praying together really helps as well.

We’ve noticed when we fast and give the Lord more of our time and devotion and obedience, that He brings us more quickly and easily to places where we are living in uprightness. You’re in the Word more, in prayer more, and your flesh has less room to give you excuses not to. What a great time to get right…make that phone call…forgive that debt…say you’re sorry…lay down your guns. In the long run, it really isn’t worth it at all to hang on to stupid stuff from the past, but to press on in Christ Jesus. Instead of remaining in the lurch, so to speak, today I can breath free the air and walk in joy and peace, strengthened by the unity provided by doing one…simple…hard thing.

As I wrap this idea up, I’m reminded of one of Evan Roberts’ four laws of the old Welsh Revival: “Make every wrong done to man—right.” Quite profound the gravity this brings.

So go ahead, just do it. The dwarves got over it—finally broke down out of utter necessity—and the elves ended up helping them read that crazy moon-rune map. Ergo, I’m sure you can get over your differences with a brother or sister too.


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