Lately, I have been personally finding out that a great way to watch God do MORE in my life is to allow myself to do LESS. Alright, all you lazy Christians out there, I do not mean that we should deliberately do LESS for the Kingdom—you are NOT off the hook—we just need to invite the Holy Spirit in to do some streamlining.

If you are anything like me, and most of the time I hope you are not, you probably have to constantly check what you are doing to see if it is what God wants you to be doing. Just because He has called us to certain things in the past, doesn’t mean that is the exact way He wants you to live now. This does not apply to basic Christian doctrine, biblical basics like praying, reading your Word, fellowshipping…these are no-brainers. I’m talking methods, procedures, styles or locations of certain ministries…things like that.

I think God is out to constantly keep our springs fresh. He wants us to continually brings up lively springs out of our innermost. He doesn’t want stagnant, neglected pools that have no outflow. This is why the Israelites had to gather manna every day; yesterday’s manna will not suffice for today. Isn’t it just like us human beings to try to complete tasks in our own flesh that The Lord began in the Holy Spirit? It is all too easy to rely on what we know, in our own understanding, than to venture out in dangerous faith.

The Tribe of Judah Ministries and our church at Calvary Chapel Iron River, are currently being streamlined. We have had a coffee shop and a thrift store and a recording studio and concerts and now a super sweet sled dog race in our community that we are spearheading. But the Lord has showed me that, right now, we can’t do all these things at the same time. Lets do 3 things well instead of 10 things poorly! And, oh boy, I hate letting go of things, stopping something, “failing.” I always want things to be blazing, full-speed ahead, never looking back, but that’s not always how things go. Sometimes Jesus shuts things down on us. Sometimes things look different than we saw them in our mind’s eye. Sometimes, less is more.

Right now, no HeBrews coffee shop—at least not full time. And our thrift store has to close for the winter. We aren’t even doing our discipleship classes this semester! But the IronLine sled dog race is forging a trail straight through our community and it is bringing exposure to our church. Instead of holding on with a death grip, I have found God leading me to let go and let Him make things the way He wants them to be. I want to keep asking, “But what about…but what about…?” And He just wants me to trust Him, trust Him with what seems like less, but is really opening up to be more.

Who am I that He is mindful of me? I’m just a kid holding on to a rocket, trying not to fall off. I’m saddled to His vision. He can make this whatever He wants.

Because I am no longer my own.


About Joshua M. Brindle

Child. Father. Husband. Herald. Writer. Messenger. Psalmist. Poet-Prophet. Biker. Beard-wearer. Teacher. Pastor? Follower. Disciple. Disciple-er. Bearer of the Torche. Keeper of the Flame. Waver of the Banner. Running the race. Fighting the fight. Revolutionary...hopefully.
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