Galatians Chapter One, Sermon Notes

Here’s some notes from last week’s Sunday sermon at Calvary Chapel Iron River:

Paul’s unlikely ministry and backwards qualifications actually caused him to give God ultimate glory in using Paul as His Apostle. The people glorified God “in him.” Can others look at your life, your walk, your talk, your service, your love, your prayer-life—and glorify God in you?

Paul’s background was quite slick inside Jewish circles, yet when Christ come to rearrange Paul’s life…everything has NOTHING to do with flesh and blood and other men. There was singular obedience to a singular Person. A PERSONAL conversion, if you will, had occurred. Paul didn’t need anyone to interpret what was happening to Him, who was sending him or Who was speaking to him. HE KNEW.

Some Other Gospels:
Social Gospel=the cold drink of water on the way to hell. Taking care of basic needs and helping the less fortunate, but usually missing the main point of soul salvation.
I’m OK/You’re Ok gospel, Gospel of Tolerance=we can talk a lot, about a lot, but NOT about sin, hell, and damnation. Come on, lets be “nice.”
Gospel of the Bible=teach, teach, teach, but very little do-do-do. Even what we know should NEVER supersede Who we know. Gospel of Denomination (you have to do it this way, etc.)
Gospel of Intellect/Elitism: you have to be really, really smart to get all there is in Christianity.
Prosperity/Health & Wealth: you have to be blesses, fat and happy all the time to be really “of the Lord.” Something is wrong with you if you are sick or poor.
Galatianism=becoming a card-carrying, Torah-abiding, kosher Jew…to then be able to be a purebred Christian. This was the “other Gospel” that was present and at hand in Galatia when this letter was written.

Through being a FAKE, Paul could spot a fake Gospel a mile away.

I think what Paul is getting at is: purity in the essence of Christianity IS simplicity. “By grace you’ve been saved.” Jesus came to Him. He met Him. He heard Him with the hearing of His ears. He was personally halted and shocked by Him. Later, he was cured of he shocked blindness that had come over him and then filled with the Spirit. Paul was one way and then he was the completely opposite way…he was transformed and altered to his core.

A point could be made here that zealous people are easier to redirect than inanimate or emotionally dead people. People with NO purpose or direction have to be animated, filled, and then trained and sent…the off-base and fire-hearted need only to point themselves in the right direction. Look full in His wonderful face—THEN GO!



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