He-Brews Coffee & Music: Life in February

Hey Friends, it’s Riley. Here’s an update from the Coffee Shop end of the Tribe of Judah Ministry:

Things around He-Brews Coffee and Music have been pretty hectic lately.

The Fields two, (now with rings), have both been working jobs outside of the ministry. and managing the coffee shop. and running taco night Tuesdays. and teaching Sunday School. and going to three-days-a-week Bible classes. and learning how to be married. Sometimes we get to go to sleep. Sometimes.

I think back to my soccer days and four years of tryout week. We would loathe that day, dreading it for weeks and weeks. Months even. Heck right after it was done I would cringe thinking of the next year. Tryouts consisted of practice at 5:30 a.m. before school and practices going until 6:00p.m. after school. They started in March, which if you’re privy to Michigan Marches chances are you know it’s probably 35 degrees. Tops. And it will probably rain and your coach will probably think freezing rain is great weather for slid tag. (Think half frozen cleats coming at you while laying on the permafrost-ed ground). Coach would pull out all the lung-on-fire-ing runs, and the best shin splinting drills. Day one you were irritated. Day two you were in pain. Day three you were limping down the hall, scouring at every person dastardly enough to complain about getting up at 7:00. But you did not quit.

Despite the pain, despite the burning, no matter how badly I was limping around, by the time the third week got around it didn’t hurt to run a few miles. You see, my coaches knew that if we kept going even when it hurt those first two weeks our stamina would build and we would be ready for our first game. They knew that we would be strong enough. Weknew we would be strong enough.

Have I lost you? I hope not, but just in case, here’s what I’m saying.

It’s been really, really, busy around here. It’s been difficult and I want to quit everyday. My muscles are burning. I want to sub out. I want to get upset when I feel like my teammates aren’t pulling their weight. And yet I hear the words, ”let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” I can feel the Lord urging.

Don’t quit.

And I remember what I was taught in practice. Keep going. I know that I am being conditioned, not that the fight should get any easier, but that I may be strengthened for it.Don’t quit. I know that with every moment I want to back down and give even just 95% instead of 100%, His voice is reminding me. If we faint not. So we keep moving.

And guess what. We’ve been having a few wins.

One night in early February we learned some culture by having an Indian style family meal in which a certain six-year-old gave a school report on India, made a traditional milk-coconut beverage, and presented it all in a real sari.

Chicago-based blues man, Glenn Kaiser came out for a concert on the 18th. We were encouraged and blessed by this older brother in Christ, able to glean from Glenn’s experience walking with the Lord for many years now. (Also being able to pick his brain regarding community living).

and today just happened to be the most snowfall we’ve had all year. Which could be inconvenient. Or you could just snowshoe to work. In addition we also have a wedding going on here in just eight weeks, two families with new babies on the way, the great expectation of summer and all her new jobs and chores, gardening- already working on preparations, and a whole month of April filled with events from youth groups to more concerts.

These are just a tiny few examples of the neat things we’ve got to experience this year, and I am so excited to see what else the Lord has planned for us. But I know that these things don’t just happen. We still need to man the fort. We still need to humble ourselves in prayer. We still need to get up every day and be ready for a game. Marching on, let us not grow weary.



About Riley of Tribe of Judah

No shoes, knotted hair, hole-laden ears. Prospective tree house owner, sheep raiser and homemade yarn spinner. Conqueror of forests, mountains, and oceans (and most recently Indian ruins). Aspiring wood carver, clay sculptor, and lullaby singer. Dreamer of things not seen and hope-er of things not known. Lover of all things wild, blunt honesty, and strangers. Snatcher of pictures and painter of cardboard.
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