Introduction to Women in Society Class

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Alright, so why? Why a class on women? Why a class on tackling the hard issues of women in society and where we find ourselves or our place in the world today? In my brief existence of being a woman I’ve learned that the roll of women is controversial and that everyone has a strong opinion on where women should find themselves.

I’ve learned that as a woman, I’m weaker. As a woman I’m stronger. As a woman I should expect to do nothing but birth small children. As a woman I should never birth a child but change the world via my ability to be a CEO of a major company. As a woman I should be silent. As a woman I should be outspoken and burn my bra. With a conclusion that women have a lot of varied, opinionated roles in life. None of which match up with the other. Leaving me, as a young woman often confused and unsure of where I should find myself as a woman in this world. If I’m silent, no one knows my heart. If I’m outspoken no one will listen to me. If I’m stronger, no one is there for me when I need it, and I’m lonely. If I’m weaker, I’m dependent and made to feel less then adequate.  Needless to say, women today have a lot to think through figure out as they decide where exactly they will fall in society.

In my own journey of womanhood a couple of things needed to happen. I needed to become a wife. I needed to birth a baby. I needed to be called a feminist. I needed to  be offended, and not be sure why.  I needed to take my search deeper then surface level and bring it back to the Bible.–which I believe to be the ultimate answer for any questions or concerns anyone might have on life, living, and social roles.

That’s where this class on women comes into play. The goal? To compare women today–the ideas, conceptions, & misconceptions–to women of history and the Bible. What’s the difference between women today and from the Bible? What were the women who we consider heroine’s of the faith facing when they became heroines? And did they follow the social norms of their day? What made them strong, if they were?  After answering these questions, we’ll compare these women of history to women today. Where would the women of the bible fallen in society today? What can we learn from them to apply to today in how we act, and conduct ourselves?

When we begin to analyze the women in the bible, and their lives I believe we will begin to see a strength that is not comparable to any other. It is a strength that comes only from the Holy Spirit to stand with dignity, strength, gentleness, and self-control. It is a God given gift to women to hold their head high and do many great and mighty things, all while–watch out scary word coming up–submitting to their husbands, taking care of babies, or simply fighting the social norms in every day life.

If you’re looking to jump in on this class, I’ll let you know that during our class time this week we had great discussion concerning these ideas, as well as the survey I mentioned and asked y’all to fill out in a previous post. If you’re joining from afar, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to jump in on the discussion. ^_^


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Before we became the Brindle Tribe, my soon-to-be husband and I formed our own motto: "Always an Adventure" we said in Ukraine on a neighborhood playground as we both came to the understanding that we were destined for each other. Three babies, a coffee shop, a school, and a bus later, the motto still lasts "Always an Adventure."
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