Day 7: Bravery & Cowardice

The question for day seven is: are we leading lives of bravery for Our Lord?

Reading some of the great works from yesteryear (1600s–early 1900s), I have discovered that there was once a time when Christian saints spoke of their walks as fights and their lives as wars–almost constantly. Many writers and pastors have agreed, if your walk or Christian life has no warfare in it, does it count for much at all? And I think this is more than the occasional long line at WalMart or flat tire on the highway. We’re talking REAL warfare.

Being persecuted for a strong, 24/7 stance…for saying things that don’t make people comfortable…for brazenly standing by the Word when others cry that is, “too hard a saying.” Being tough on sin, in the Christian. Being loud about hell. Living in a way that so demands true faith in God or you will completely fail and look like an idiot. Being willing to FAIL–for your Lord. These all, in one way or another, mark points of bravery in the saint. Yeah, I used the word BRAVERY…look it up if you haven’t heard it outside of a video game or movie lately.

But are we doing anything, involving ourselves in anything, that is counted heroic for the Kingdom? Are we laboring long, launching into the deep in courageous Christian pursuit? Would we ever storm the gates of hell with our prayers or not worry about engaging the Enemy of our souls and our cities? Are we worried, rather, about how we look, what people say, or what titles or labels people give us…or that we give ourselves???

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I want to fight the good and noble fight. I want to wage war biblically, not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities and strongholds and the darkness that covers my town. And I want to WIN! I don’t want to look for every excuse NOT to–like a coward. I don’t want to tell everyone I can’t do it because of money or because of no money or because of lack of MONEY! Or that it might be difficult or uncomfortable or cold or the days wax long in the fight and few stand by my side…I want to fight or at least die fighting. Because He is worth it. He thought I was worth it! Maybe, just maybe, He deserves ALL I could ever muster to surrender. Maybe He is worthy of my wholehearted enlistment. And oh, He is…and so much more.

As we Soldier On…Lord of Hosts, helps us…beef us up…strengthen the ranks…fit us with our armor…put a sword and a shield in our hands.




About Joshua M. Brindle

Child. Father. Husband. Herald. Writer. Messenger. Psalmist. Poet-Prophet. Biker. Beard-wearer. Teacher. Pastor? Follower. Disciple. Disciple-er. Bearer of the Torche. Keeper of the Flame. Waver of the Banner. Running the race. Fighting the fight. Revolutionary...hopefully.
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2 Responses to Day 7: Bravery & Cowardice

  1. donovan says:

    Rev 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death….ouch…the fearful….God help us.

  2. Mom in law says:

    Ya know Josh.. it is really bizzare how much we have in common at times. Just Wednesday night at our prayer meeting I spoke about “Courage” and felt like God was calling us to lives of courage and marching forward with our swords. I even had them play the song “courageous” by casting crowns. In my journal I had written “Time in God’s presence gives us fresh vision and courage to pursue things we would never grasp in the natural. There we lay hold of the promises because they become real as meet to talk with God!”
    I was considering a blog post about it yet, but haven’t. I did however, give yours some props. 🙂

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