Status report… Part 2


The summer of 2010, I had a friend tell me about an event in town where I could possibly get a job running sound. It was located at an old middle school that had been shut down.

When I went there seeking a job as a sound engineer, I was informed that the school was being converted into a business complex. All the classrooms were being rented out to small business owners. Craft clubs, gift shops, gym classes ect. I told them that I would run sound for their event in the auditorium and do it for free. Then afterward I would give a quote for what it would cost them to have me back. They agreed. I immediately ran back and got a couple friends to pose as a sound crew for the night, and we did a great job. At the end of the night, they were so thrilled with what we had done, they asked how much it would cost. I ball parked an average price of a night running live sound and they told me it would be over their budget. So, on a whim I suggested that they give me a room for my recording studio, cover rent and utilities, let me remodel, and I would continue to run sound for their monthly event…..

Crazy huh….

They agreed.

I was in and remodeling a room 2 days later. I had no money or materials.

These are the needs that were met:
Floor sanders
Stain and finish for about 1000 sq ft
Enough 2x6s to frame out 3 walls that were 15 ft high.
Along with 5/8 drywall.
4 huge triple ply sound proof glass windows
Electrical ran
About 5000 sq ft of rough cut lap cedar siding for walls (ideal for acoustics)
An accoustician to plan out the room
Carpet for the isolation booth
Window trim
5 chandeliers
3 doors
And an equipment list that I won’t go into…

There are person testimonies over each and every material that is on that list.

There was a point and time that work stopped, money stopped, and all efforts I put in seemed to fail. Yet I remained faithful, did what I could and continued to trust God.

Plus, I had no construction experience at all, so I had find people that could do all of it, and put up with me telling them what I had read was the right way to construct a studio, receiving some of the most perplexed looks I have ever received. It was quite comical at times.

At another point, the city had a voted to shut the building down. They voted twice. I felt that God told me to continue on so I continued to work. All the while people were looking at me like I was crazy because I was putting money, time and effort into a building that was going to get demolitioned. My theory was, “Well God, this has been your gig all along, so if it tanks, I’m not really out anything.” I know that isn’t a completely mature mindset but I believe He has been working with me where I’m at… (He knew what He was in for when this whole thing started…haha) It came down to one last vote after the studio was nearing completion. And after voting to close it 2 other times, they voted to keep and support the building and it passed by 5 votes!

I have been moved in with equipment running strong for about 9 months now. I have been able to serve multiple churches with worship team recordings and sound system instillations. It is a business that generates income through normal recording services. This income allows upgrades to the studio (equipment, wear and tear). Yet, I donate time to anyone in ministry that needs assistance getting music captured.

Services include:
Full recording ability for bands or songwriters
Accomplished studio musicians available
Radio broadcasting needs
Church or music venue sound system instillation
Equipment repair
Live sound production
Live sound recording
Analog / digital conversion
Classes in all of the above being taught at the studio weekly.

I hope the testimony has blessed and encouraged you.


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Human, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend, Musician, Engineer, Producer, Worshiper, Sinner, Learning how to live and die, Blessed.
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