Status report… Part 1

Status report. Part 1

The last blog I posted (From the Start), I shared how it was that I came to be involved with the Tribe of Judah. By the end of it, there was a small description of the recording studio. For the record, time did not allow me to include all of the marvelous testimonies that were included in that season. As I look back, I am amazed at how many things have happened in such a short amount of time and know that it can only be credited to our Lord Jesus.

This will just be a brief description of how things started at Interpose and where things are at now.

First, there was a desire to have fresh music with substance. Not just music for the sake of music, as we say. The deeper into this endeavor I went, the more I wanted to get it down (recorded). I didn’t know much about it, so I started praying. I read a lot and looked for people that knew about what they were doing. Starting with super basic gear that I worked hard to buy, I came out with some surprisingly good sounds. I had an Idea of where it could have been better and did what I could to improve everything the next time.

I prayed and told God, “If this is an area that you want me to go into, I am willing.” I felt that even though I never had an interest in recording before, that I was being pushed in the direction.

The foundational desire was to give quality recording to “musicianaries” (people in ministry that have sold out for the Lord). The ones that didn’t sign to a record label because of where the Lord was leading them or the ones that didn’t have money flow because it was going right back into ministry. I have my own opinions of the music industry that, for a while, were bitter and angry. However, the Lord took me through a season where He taught me that, if I am to follow Him in this, it cannot be about my opinions and frustrations, but about what He has called me to do.

So, with the spiritual burden and a physical responsibility, I started doing my homework, so to speak. Reading, praying… Praying…Studying. It seemed that if I even tapped on a door that it would either blow open or slam shut. At one point it seemed that through the income of equipment and knowledge, that there was a force driving this that was supernatural. THERE WAS!

I sold the motorcycle I moved up here on, leaving me no vehicle and I spent hours working with equipment that was old and outdated. I tried recording methods that modern engineers would scoff at. The whole time viewing my efforts as being faithful to what God had called me to.

I was given a room at our church that was located in the bell tower. This room was only about 30 sq ft. I dampened the room to no end and filled it with instruments and gear. Then, I locked myself in and pushed buttons and tweaked nobs for months. This room aided the production for Husk vs Horn’s ep and a cd that I did as a singer songwriter.

It had it’s ups and downs. When I first got into the bellower I had to remove a computer graveyard that looked like Wall-E’s home town. I had to remove pigeon corpses and bird poop. I spent about 3 weeks just cleaning and preparing the room. Then, I had to scrap around town for carpeting and wood to get it to sound right.

It was located 3 floors above where most of the gear was. I used a lot of the same equipment Sunday morning for church that I did in the studio, so it required weekly transporting heavy gear up and down tight staircases.

I was located in the Bell-tower for about a year.

To be continued….





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