From the start…

Hello. My name is Seth Waters. I’m going to start by sharing a little bit of what has lead up to the current events that are taking place in the Tribe of Judah.

When I first ran into Calvary Chapel Iron River, there was no “tribe.” it was a small church in the small town of Alpha Michigan that I traveled to at 16 yrs old to play a Fourth of July outreach. I was then playing in a typical teenage high school garage band…. The Baker St. Irregulars…. YEAH!

The next stem of my life took all kinds of directions physically around the states, with some definite spiritual highs and lows…. (bible college, father’s death, internships, sex, drugs, rock….. And….. Rehab). All in that order. My life had been lead by my own desires and motives, not completely understanding a life FULLY surrendered and arranged around Jesus Christ.

The next encounter I had with the fellowship in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, was at a pastors conference in Indiana. I ran into pastor Bill Wooley and after sharing with him some of the things that the Lord had been putting on my heart, he had me talk with Josh & Grace Brindle about the direction they were being led in.

Our conversation was good and we committed to praying for one another, and after the conference we went our separate ways. The Lord had me in a place of learning faithfulness and true obedience for the first time, so I knew that my current priorities at the discipleship ranch I was working at needed to be at the top of my priority list.

Continuing to pray and seek God, I kept returning to the conversation that happened in Indiana. All the while no conversation with the Brindles happened for another 6 months. When we finally started talking, we both felt like the Lord was networking us together. Neither of us had any idea what the next 4 years would have for us.

I talked to my pastor and overseers in the ministry I was in and they committed to praying. My pastor informed me that he thought that my involvement with this ministry in Iron River could lead to my relocation. After a lot of prayer, learning, physical and spiritual preparation, I then U.P.Sed all my belongings and strapped my longboard to my motorcycle and rode from Knoxville Tennessee to Iron River, MI–Almost dying in a tornado on the way!

Originally, my arrival at HeBrews Coffee & Music/Calvary Chapel Iron River, my duties were going to be leading the discipleship house that housed about 25 guys for the next two years.

I have always been a musician since I was born into a musical family, living on the road, both in the “Christian” realm and the non Christian. Even though I had been in large studios and recorded many times I had never produced or even engineered in the live sound realm let alone the studio setting.

Being involved with HeBrews as a music venue (and being stuck inside for the horrendous U.P. winter), I started learning to run live sound and fill the need of a engineer for the venue. The Lord started to giving me a passion for it, and although I never was interested in the technical side of music production, I was convicted to be faithful and be as good a steward of the music production in the ministry as possible. I prayed for equipment we needed and it showed up. I prayed for the knowledge I needed and it was given. It went further and further until I was getting invitations to travel and work as a sound technician for bands all around the states.

As time passed, and ministry furthered, we developed recording capabilities and went there. At this point in time THE LORD HAS PROVIDED over 1000 sq ft. All the acoustics education, materials, and equipment to have one of the biggest most efficient recording studios in the surrounding 250 miles…… INTERPOSE PRODUCTIONS

……more to come!



About sethwatersmusic

Human, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend, Musician, Engineer, Producer, Worshiper, Sinner, Learning how to live and die, Blessed.
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2 Responses to From the start…

  1. Brad says:

    Awesome stuff. My brother and I need to swing by sometime.

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