Summer Travels: The Tribe of Judah is on the March

The Tribe of Judah will be heading out at the end of June and then for almost the entire month of July. On the last weekend of June, we will be serving and playing music at the Mountain of Praise festival in Wautoma, WI. This will be the third year for this event and we are super excited to be there again. On the Fourth of July weekend, we will trek far north (yes that is possible!) to the remote outpost fellowship of our good friend and tattoo artist, Ben Eckl–In Calumet, MI. After that, we will descend into Wisconsin again and then to Kansas where we join up with several churches and many friends in a tiny, formerly ran-down town called Wilsey. Wilsey is being transformed into a Christian “community” and youth retreat area and we will get the grand opportunity to lead worship for a week with almost 400 people! Awesomeness. Our next stops will take us through Kansas westward into Denver and Boulder, Colorado to hopefully do some street music. And then we turn north to Wyoming to watch our good friends and tribal members get hitched at the foot of the Grand Tetons. Fun. We will then travel back through North Dakota, Minnesota, and home by the first couple days of August. Shoeeeeee!

So, if you are in this path of the Tribe of Judah’s tornado or want to be involved in any way, let us know on this blog, on Facebook or call 906.284.2592. We could also use some covering prayer as we often encounter much opposition and spiritual attack! Thanks.


About BrindleTribe

Before we became the Brindle Tribe, my soon-to-be husband and I formed our own motto: "Always an Adventure" we said in Ukraine on a neighborhood playground as we both came to the understanding that we were destined for each other. Three babies, a coffee shop, a school, and a bus later, the motto still lasts "Always an Adventure."
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2 Responses to Summer Travels: The Tribe of Judah is on the March

  1. ottO says:

    No Cornerstone?

    • Joshua M. Brindle says:

      Probably not bro, we got a lot to do in Iron River this summer…and it would simply cost too much to get 10+ people in…. Sorry man. Jesus Village isn’t a stage this year, so we couldn’t get in like we have the last couple years.

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