Hey, let’s watch an extra child…and work on a farm all weekend…and help a sister at the church in her 3-day-labor…let’s drink copious amounts of coffee while doing these things…let’s push our minds and bodies until all we run on is the Holy Ghost and fumes…all while we sleep in 5 days what most people get in two days…and our brains are mush and everything is foggy…but the Lord barrels on through us…awesome.

This is the Tribe of Judah in the last five days.


About BrindleTribe

Before we became the Brindle Tribe, my soon-to-be husband and I formed our own motto: "Always an Adventure" we said in Ukraine on a neighborhood playground as we both came to the understanding that we were destined for each other. Three babies, a coffee shop, a school, and a bus later, the motto still lasts "Always an Adventure."
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2 Responses to Overload

  1. BrindleTribe says:

    Only tired people change the world right?

    Speaking of coffee…

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