Can REVIVAL Actually Happen?

What if?  Can God “actually” come upon His people as He did on the day of Pentecost/Shavuot?  With all the amazing fervor.  With an effective display of the supernatural giftings.  Can He legitimately baptize desperate people praying in a desperate time?  Well, can He??!!

I think He can.  Because He has done it over and over again since that famous festival day.

James and the apostles saw it.  Polycarp and Ignatius saw it.  Luther saw a form of it.  Wesley.  McCheyne.  Evan Roberts and all of Wales, four times over.  Charles Finney.  England.  Scottland.  D.L. Moody in Chicago.  China…and China again in our modern day.  Whole areas of India.  Azuza in San Francisco.  And the Jesus Freak hippies in the ’60’s.  And so many more that I am sure we will never know this side of heaven.

A REAL Revival.  Where, spontaneously, God pours forth untold amounts of forgiveness, love, and blessings.  Converting the worst of souls.  Thawing frostbitten hearts.  Towing the backslidden back to fellowship.  And the presence of God was like that in the Most Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle of old.  Like a pillar of cloud and fire.  Pure.

The thing is, do we want it?  Do we need it?  Many have never heard of it, read of it, nor seen it.  Some are admittedly afraid and doubtful.  Many would debate and posture and give opinion and spout theology, but is there an actual longing, aching for God and more of Him?  The verdict is maybe out on that question.  However, I do know that there is a hungry and passionate remnant that would say they NEED revival, they are even BURDENED for it.  Enough to fast.  Enough to pray all night or very early in the morning.  Enough to have the burden change their lives.  And with this comes a brokenness and uneasiness with mundane, ho-hum Christianity.  The Remnant wants more and cannot be satisfied with anything shy of a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and His ways and many coming to know Christ.

I am one of these.  I am one of the Remnant.  I want REVIVAL.  I AM RESISTANCE…to this world and the devil.

And how will we do it?  By the power of the GREAT I AM!  That’s how!

*We’ll be talking about Revival, Revival Lifestyle, worship and many other related topics on this blog.


About BrindleTribe

Before we became the Brindle Tribe, my soon-to-be husband and I formed our own motto: "Always an Adventure" we said in Ukraine on a neighborhood playground as we both came to the understanding that we were destined for each other. Three babies, a coffee shop, a school, and a bus later, the motto still lasts "Always an Adventure."
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